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Tuesday - Saturday

8AM - 6PM

Full Service Dog Grooming

Step 1: We discuss what services you would like and assess the current condition of your pooch. Once we’ve got an idea of "the look" you want for your pet--we start on the basics or the "prep". First, we trim the toenails. Next we trim the hair that grows on the bottom of the feet—this can help combat a potential infection of the pads. Next, we clean your pet’s ears and pluck the hair from them if necessary--again this helps prevent and combat potential or existing infection. The last step of this preparation process is brush your dog and give them a "rough-cut" if applicable, to remove any severe mats and reduce drying time. Optionally, the GroomingSPA® can grind your pet’s nails or brush their teeth with enzymatic toothpaste, if you choose. We can further explain the advantages of these services upon check-in.

Step 2: Once your pup or kitty has been "prepped", we carefully place them in a veterinary-grade, stainless steel tub for their bath treatment. We have multiple methods used for bathing, depending on the requirements of your particular pet. Our bathing systems ensure the soapy water solution gently powers right down to the skin--for a truly clean pooch. You have your choice of just a "regular, clean-em-up" shampoo or you can choose from a variety of specialty shampoo treatments like Oatmeal, Aloe, Medicated, etc. to sooth, moisturize, or treat special skin conditions.

Step 3: The blow dry. After thoroughly rinsing your pet, we blow the hair dry using a hand held dryer, much more powerful than the normal hair dryer. This serves to speed up the drying process. It also helps remove excess dander, undercoat or dead hair that remains after the bath treatment. We call this "AIRBRUSHING". It really aids the fluffing-up of curly coated dogs, straightens longer coats and, for double-coated dogs or super-shedding breeds, is crucial in helping to get the coat ready for the final process. Certain sensitive areas such as the ears, paws, and face are primarily excluded from this hand-drying process to reduce the stress on the animal. Once, we’ve gotten your puppy about 80% dry we carefully lead them to our ROOM-TEMPERATURE, high-volume air drying area. They are secured in their private waiting area where they comfortably dry to completion.

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