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Tuesday - Saturday

8AM - 6PM

Welcome to the GroomingSPA!

At the GroomingSPA, we aim to give your pet the best possible grooming experience. We understand that pet grooming may not be your petís idea of a walk in the park and it is our goal to help your dog or cat enjoy their grooming and understand that it can be a very positive experience.

We accomplish this by using a lot of positive reinforcement during the grooming and by trying to create a calm and friendly atmosphere. We do not take the mass production approach. We take the time necessary to interact and reassure each pet as they are groomed. Our staff is caring and concerned about each petís welfare from check-in to checkout. It is very rewarding for us to see the way dogs and cats seem to feel better after a professional grooming and itís a good feeling to see them prance out of our door. Our goal is to have them as happy to see us when they return, as we are to see them.

Full Service

Style cuts, summer cuts, puppy cuts, nail trimming, nail grinding, teeth brushing, bathing, blow drying, undercoat removal, specialty shampoos, conditioning treatments, ear plucking, ear cleaning.


Still only $15 - the same price it's been for over a dozen years! Veterinary-grade, stainless steel tubs, professional grade force dryers, private rooms, includes shampoo, towels, apron, & slicker brush. You just provide the dirty dog - no appointment necessary.

Bellevue Store Closed

Grooming SPA Bellevue has closed - thank you for a great 14 years!. You can still find us in Greenlake.

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